Continuing Education (CE) FAQ

How many credits do I need for license renewal?

To renew your license, you must acquire 24 credits every two years. Among these, 3 credits must cover ethics.

What's the maximum number of company-sponsored credits allowed?

Out of the 24 required credits, a maximum of 12 can be company-sponsored. These are typically courses offered by insurance companies or vendors.

When can I start earning CE credits?

CE credits must be earned after your license is issued. Credits earned prior to license issuance do not count towards renewal.

Can I carry over unused credits to the next renewal period?

No, credits cannot be carried over. They only count when earned during the current renewal period.

Do I need to attend the entire course for credit?

Yes, you must attend the entire course to receive credit. Partial credit is not awarded.

Insurance License FAQ

What happens if my license lapses?

If your license lapses due to non-renewal, you have a grace period of twelve months to reinstate it by paying double the unpaid renewal fee. There is no need to retake exams during this period.

What if I voluntarily surrender my license?

If you voluntarily surrender your license, and more than twelve months have elapsed since the surrender, you’ll need to retake the prelicense exam and fulfill all outstanding CE requirements.

How do I update my records with National Alliance and the Department of Commerce?

To update your records with the National Alliance, visit the myPROfile section at scic.com or contact them directly at 1-800-633-2165. For updates with the Department of Commerce, visit mn.gov/commerce or call 651-539-1500.

Do non-resident licensees need MN CE credits?

No, non-resident licensees are exempt from MN CE requirements as long as they comply with CE requirements in their resident state.

How do I find my NPN number?

You can find your National Producer ID (NPN) number by searching for it on the National Insurance Producer Registry website: pdb.nipr.com/html/PacNpnSearch.html.