Government Affairs

Big I MN and IIABA form an effective legislative team that is considered one of the most effective anywhere for the insurance industry. The Big I MN and IIABA universe brings together the strength of our members along with over 280,000 independent agents and their employees throughout the United States.

The most important element in Big I MN’s governmental affairs program is the Associations grassroots program. Big I MN communicates regularly with its members to keep them informed on legislative and regulatory issues. Members act when necessary and make sure that government officials hear from the people who count the most, agents from their own districts. Big I MN believes that agents are their own best advocates, and devotes considerable resources to keep them up-to-date through our Capitol Notes eNewsletter.

2024 Big I Minnesota Legislative Session Recap

Video 1: Stopping Storm Chasers


Video 2: Navigating Condo Insurance


Support Your PACs

Two PACs. Two Reasons.

Big I Minnesota members are called upon to invest in their future by contributing to two funds, one for Minnesota state and one for federal action. Each serves a specific purpose. When you donate to one or both of our political action committees, you know you’re helping support the very people who are working to ensure your ease of doing business.