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Stu Thompson

Stu Thompson

The Builders Group Chief Executive Officer

Company Head Quarters
Eagan, MN


A.M. Best Rating
“A+” (Superior)

In 1997 a group of construction companies got together and decided to do something about the out of control state of worker’s comp insurance. The plan was simple, join together to create a self-insured worker’s comp fund based on the principle that if responsible people, acted responsibly — everyone would win. Today, over 20 years later, that idea has grown to become the premier self-insured fund in Minnesota with hundreds of members for the construction industry. The fund has weathered the ups and downs in the construction industry through strong leadership and the value of its member partnerships –– while continuing to add services, training, innovation and financial security.

The 4 Pillars of TBG

Pay-As-You-Go premiums help free up cash flow because your premium due is based on the previous month’s actual payroll. This allows our members to make payroll, cover fixed expenses, purchase materials, pay subcontractors, vendors and respond to unforeseen issues quickly as opposed to pre-paying the insurance company. This is making workers’ comp work for you.

Our proactive approach to claims management delivers personal, compassionate attention — helping injured workers get the right care at the right time and return to work as soon as possible without sacrificing quality of care. As a self-insured and member-owned fund, we have a vested interest in ensuring the speed and accuracy of our claims, so you know that we are always doing our best to make claim services work for you.

The TBG NurseCare Hotline gives you instant access 24/7 to medical professionals to help you assess injuries and suggest treatments when injuries are non-life-threatening.
This ensures workers get the appropriate care for injuries and streamlines the reporting process, which eliminates problems with claims. When we use the NurseCare Hotline, we’re all doing our part to assure injured workers receive the appropriate care for their injury and protect our future.

We’ve developed a full range of safety service programs and services designed to create safer workplaces and drive down injuries.
We take safety services beyond the traditional classroom setting and into our state-of-the-art safety training center and on the road with our mobile classroom. Here our safety service experts and construction specialists provide hands-on training for a variety of situations in real time — teaching your employees to work safer and smarter.