Hello Big I MN members!

Legislative Update – Thank you Robyn Rowen!

First of all, I wanted to give a special THANK YOU to our own Robyn Rowen, Big I MN Lobbyist. Her efforts to champion the independent agent issues during this last session were staggering. The countless hours she spent reviewing and discussing issues with our legislative advisory committee left little time for even sleep! If you missed the overview click here to read it. Also know that each week we will release a short video describing one of the issues we were involved in shaping and bringing to the legislature. Stay tuned…


Boot Camp for Insurance Kickoff!

It is with great excitement that I’m writing to you all about our rollout of Boot Camp for Insurance! This project has been in the works for quite some time, knowing that our agencies have had the need to provide more basic training to their new hires. Historically, other training programs have skipped over some of the most basic information, which can slow the professional development process. We are bringing you training on topics that include MN insurance regulation, regulation of agents & agencies, alternative markets and resources, basics of reading a policy, workers compensation laws and rules, as well as reviews of property/casualty policies, plus much more!

This training is intended for those new to insurance, however, we believe that even agents who’ve been in the business for longer could benefit from the topics provided and reviewed, increasing their knowledge and professionalism for the benefit of their clients.

All account processors, customer service representatives and producers are perfect audiences for this training. It will be offered each Tuesday for a two-hour, information packed session that is interactive so all questions can be addressed at the time of instruction.

This Boot Camp for Insurance will be taught by our own Insurance Consultant, Gloria Thompson, who has 40+ years of insurance experience. Gloria has also been speaking for the Big I MN at the CIC, CISR, and E&O courses for 20+ years. Her knowledge and expertise are unmatched, so we are very fortunate to have her teach these courses.

In closing, I want to wish you all a happy summer coming up as we look forward to connecting with you all at various golf events throughout the state, agency visits (call us to get scheduled), and regularly scheduled education. See you soon!

Support Your PACs

Two PACs. Two Reasons.

Big I Minnesota members are called upon to invest in their future by contributing to two funds, one for Minnesota state and one for federal action. Each serves a specific purpose. When you donate to one or both of our political action committees, you know you’re helping support the very people who are working to ensure your ease of doing business.

April Goodin

April's journey with Big I Minnesota spans over three decades, showcasing her deep-rooted dedication and passion for the independent agent community. Having held nearly every position within the association, she stepped into the role of Executive Vice President & CEO in January 2023. April’s extensive background in membership, education, and operations has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In her current role, she channels her expertise into program development and management, strategic planning, financial management, community relations, and fostering strong membership and board relationships. Her enduring commitment reflects the joy she finds in continuously enhancing the industry, making a lasting impact on the community she serves. April’s story is one of relentless dedication and a true testament to the positive influence of her leadership within Big I Minnesota.