As we enter 2024, I wanted to reflect on the past year and express my gratitude for our IA members in the great state of MN. As we all think about what we want to change, add, improve, or remove from our lives in the upcoming year, my hope is that we can all appreciate the amazing community that we are a part of. Whenever tragedy or hard times strike, there is a collective force from all facets of the insurance industry that come together to improve, make whole, or adjust as needed. I’m always humbled by the outreach of insurance people wanting to help make a change or be a part of a solution.

If you’ve added a list of things you “should do” to your new year’s resolutions, consider instead a focus on a better you. We all know that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, then it is far more difficult to take care of others. In this industry, it is all about taking care of our customers and their families, co-workers, and friends. Make sure you are nurturing yourself as well.

Know that all the staff at the Big I MN are working on your behalf each day, and that our board members care very much about the future of the independent agent industry, and it shows in their guidance and dedication to our association. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns that you may have.

We all look forward to a new year full of opportunity and possibilities. Cheers to all of you and your noble profession.

Support Your PACs

Two PACs. Two Reasons.

Big I Minnesota members are called upon to invest in their future by contributing to two funds, one for Minnesota state and one for federal action. Each serves a specific purpose. When you donate to one or both of our political action committees, you know you’re helping support the very people who are working to ensure your ease of doing business.

April Goodin

April's journey with Big I Minnesota spans over three decades, showcasing her deep-rooted dedication and passion for the independent agent community. Having held nearly every position within the association, she stepped into the role of Executive Vice President & CEO in January 2023. April’s extensive background in membership, education, and operations has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In her current role, she channels her expertise into program development and management, strategic planning, financial management, community relations, and fostering strong membership and board relationships. Her enduring commitment reflects the joy she finds in continuously enhancing the industry, making a lasting impact on the community she serves. April’s story is one of relentless dedication and a true testament to the positive influence of her leadership within Big I Minnesota.