Stay informed with Big I Minnesota’s latest legislative update for the 2024 session! Join us as Robyn Rowen, J.D., Big i Minnesota’s esteemed lobbyist, delves into the proactive and defensive agendas shaping the insurance landscape in Minnesota. From welcoming insights to the session’s highlights. Don’t miss this essential update for all Big i MN members!

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Two PACs. Two Reasons.

Big I Minnesota members are called upon to invest in their future by contributing to two funds, one for Minnesota state and one for federal action. Each serves a specific purpose. When you donate to one or both of our political action committees, you know you’re helping support the very people who are working to ensure your ease of doing business.

Robyn Rowen

I develop and implement successful strategies that allow organizations to manage legislative and regulatory challenges and achieve their business goals and objectives. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Insurance and Financial Services Council, an association of Minnesota's largest life insurance and financial services companies. I also independently represent leading Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations before the Minnesota State Legislature, regulatory agencies and the Governor's office.